Advertising Technologies

Advertising Technologies respects your right to privacy

As a consumer, you have the choice to exclude your anonymous preferences from being collected in the Advertising Technologies registry. This includes any preferences you have manually selected and also implied preferences collected through our publisher and data partners.

To opt-out of the Advertising Technologies, click the button below:


What does the Opt-Out service do?

If you elect to opt out the service places an opt-out cookie on your computer which means that Advertising Technologies will no longer deliver ads tailored to your Web preferences and usage patterns. Please be advised that if you change computers or browsers, or use multiple computers or browsers, you will need to repeat this process for each computer and each browser.

The Advertising Technologies cookies do not collect personally identifiable information. For more information on our cookies, please click here. Cookies do control the frequency of advertisements (including pop-ups) and assist in delivering you more relevant advertising.

Your choice to Opt-Out may not improve your Web surfing experience.